Would you like to sell your items at auction? Here are some reasons why you should!

Have you considered selling merchandise at auction, but have questions? I hope this helps! Always feel free to email or call!

  • Auction creates the most exposure in the shortest period of time
  • Auction provides an aggressive, advanced marketing program that increases interest in and awareness of a property or item
  • Auction brings multiple qualified buyers to a point of decision, “Act now or lose the opportunity to purchase.”
  • Auction generates excitement and heightens buyer interest
  • Auction creates competition among buyers
  • Auction removes the necessity for Seller/Buyer negotiations…your item will be sold!
  • Auction realizes true market value….price can exceed the price of a negotiated sale…no upside limit.
  • Seller, not buyer chooses the date property or assets are sold
  • Seller sets the terms and conditions of the sale
  • High seller carrying costs eliminated e.g. Interest, taxes and maintenance

Auctions have been around for thousands of years! They are successful! Afterall, where are the record prices set for a Da Vinci, dinosaur bones, classic cars and any other rare or fine object? At auction! This same auction format works for you if you’re selling an estate, fishing boat, riding lawn mowers or any good clean marketable items!

I am involved in all aspects of the business from auction planning, to set up, bid calling the auction & follow-up with the client when the auction is complete.

Most families or businesses come to me in a time of transition. I enjoy being able to help them through the process of liquidating their assets and maximizing their profits. I understand that often it is not a comfortable period for a grieving family or a business in distress. Folks, we are all in this lifetime together and I think it best we treat each other accordingly. It’s my philosophy and I try my best to stick to it.

The only negotiating you do to sell your item is with me and I keep it very simple.

While I do specialize in antiques, I can sell virtually any item or merchandise for you. About 1/3 of my sales are merchandise other than antiques and collectibles. My network encompasses all categories of auction sales. I will sell your items for you.

When I become your auctioneer, you also get me as your selling agent. I work solely for the seller. I can help you with your auction needs!

I know how to put together a successful advertising campaign. I reach qualified buyers. There are very few auctioneers in the country today who reach out as much as I do! For example, if you Google something as basic or simple as Iowa antiques auctions, you will very likely find me, one of my other sites at or very near the top of the search page. Anyone one of those sites will get you here to my main website. It took a lot of hard work to get there and it’s hard work to stay there. I get calls from all over the United States everyday from both sellers and buyers. Let me put this power to work for you!

I can act as your contract auctioneer!

If you are an auctioneer and have everything you need for the auction, except a good qualified auctioneer/ringman, I can help! I offer my services to you to act as your contract auctioneer or ringman. My fees are $50.00/ hour (two-hour minimum, then we will break it down to 30 minute intervals if needed), plus $.50 per mile,( starting point is 50208.) If the auctioneer desires, I will also offer free of charge, my Internet advertising. This in itself is a huge plus for the seller as well as tremendous savings!

Here is a list of items, I won’t take. Believe me, it’s best for the seller and buyer that these types of items don’t belong in an auction. It’s takes up time and the return is low for the seller and I don’t make any money from them. Thanks for your understanding.

Please feel free to email or call with your questions regarding your items for consignment. Nothing is etched in stone, but I’m looking out for everyone’s interests.


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